Saturday, 30 March 2013

Spring cleaning

I have started taking out some of the vegetables that have finished , the brussels sprouts and some lettuce  have gone to seed and I must start digging the beds over ready for the summer vegetables.
The dwarf beans and courgettes and tomatoes are growing like mad in the grow house and if the weather stays warm  they might be able to go out a bit earlier than May.
The landlord has been refreshing his garden with some new soil and rotovating. He is planting potatoes.
I bought a grevillia today, a shrub with lavender like leaves and lovely coral flowers, my picture has made them look a bit pink and at the moment the flowers are a bit sparse but hopefully they will come.

 I also bought a lovely marguerite with smaller flowers which are different pinks on the same plant.

pink margeurite
Last autumn I bought a few freesia corms and I am so pleased with the colour of them, the red ones are gorgeous and I think there is going to be a blue one.

pinky red freesia starting to open.

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