Friday, 1 March 2013

A sticky situation.

In June we had a glut of apricots and I started to make jam. I made 20 0r 30 jars and also bottled them in syrup which were lovely.
Unfortunately, someone who shall remain nameless still has my preserving pan so I had to make quite small batches. This year I will buy a new one.
Our cooker is about the size of a large microwave with 2 rings on top with an oven and grill so this year I will move it outside for jamming and bottling as it was unbearably hot in the kitchen
I also bottled plums, peaches and pears, all very good and I made red and yellow plum jam.
In July I made fig jam and bottled figs in brandy.
We had a great afternoon with our landlord picking the black cherries which we put in a jar with sugar all summer and then in September we put an equal volume of brandy in for cherry brandy. Very nice but a bit sweet.

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