Sunday, 10 March 2013

Mother`s Day

I started the day with lovely facebook messages from all the family and then had a nice, quiet morning as Mark and Bonnie went off to Sendoukia with the Skopelos Scramblers.
I stayed at home with a very pregnant Merkel, the cat and I leanos.
I scrubbed my rag rug which I leanos was very interested in and I had to squirt him with water when he decided to try and take a dust bath in the geraniums.
I weeded the flower garden, it was very warm,  at least 20 degrees here.
I dug up some white freesias which were growing in the roses and I`m hoping they will be ok ( not the time to move them really.) Hopefully they can then be given to anyone in the garden group who would like them.
I sowed some Arctotis seeds and opened the grow house as it was very steamy.
Quite a few of the seeds are starting to make an appearance now and I was able to plant out some more cabbages.
The broad beans are finally showing signs of podding up but it will be a while yet until we will be eating them.
The round head english lettuce I sowed in the carrot box have appeared and I will have to thin them by the end of the week.
I turned the water supply on for the landlord and watered the flower and vegetable gardens as it was very dry half an inch down despite the rain we had the other day.
I ended the day with a face book chat with my eldest daughter and a Skype call with my other two daughters, lovely.

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