Sunday, 17 March 2013

I`m hooked on crochet

When I am not gardening or thinking about gardening , I can very often be found with a crochet hook in my hand.
We don`t have a television although we do watch occasional DVDs and it would be a very long winter without a hobby.
I have to order my wool in from the UK, which leads to great excitement when I open the parcel to see what the colours look like in real life.
Last year I sold a blanket through a shop in the town but the shop mark up made them very expensive and I am hoping that this year there may be a craft exhibition happening in the town.
It has been talked about, we will see, otherwise I may put some on Etsy to see what happens.
When I took the blankets out of the bag I was suprised to find nine, some cot size and some much bigger.
I hadn`t realised that maybe I have been getting just a bit carried away and I have another one about half done.
It is a good job Spring is here and I will have other things to do or maybe we would be suffocated by them.

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