Thursday, 14 March 2013

Windy Weather

The wind is very strong from the south today and visibility is poor because of all the dust blowing up from the Sahara.
The green house is still standing but an entire tray of gazania seedlings were hurled across the terrace.
I have planted them out, the ones that survived , and we will see if they make it. Very frustrating.
I will have to water again tonight as the wind is drying everything out.
The broad beans are also being battered in the wind, I will be extremely upset if they snap as they are podding up nicely now.
I don`t think I can do much more in the garden or growhouse today although I did manage to pot on some arctotis.
Merkel , the cat, looks ready to burst and the landlord has put a nice box with blankets in the store for her maternity ward. Needless to say, she is so far having nothing to do with the box and will probably go into an olive tree to have her kittens.
The wind today is a warm one and it is hard to believe the weather forecast which says it is going to be cold over the weekend.

let`s hope the gazanias make it.

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