Sunday, 3 March 2013

Eileen becomes I leanos

"Sicky Chicky"

Last spring our landlord hatched eggs in an incubator and built the "chicken palace" in the top right corner of the land.
Obviously,  so we all had eggs but also for the manure or Kopria for the land.( I had no idea how much this stinks when it is wet.)
When the chicks were big enough they moved in but one went missing after they were let out on the land. It had looked pretty ill as it had been badly pecked on its head and had a wonky leg, possibly even broken.
Three days later it showed up on our back doorstep very dehydrated and looking ghastly.
It was "Sicky chicky" for a while and then became Eileen, named after someone we once knew.
Over time it became obvious Eileen was a cockerel and although the head and leg healed he/she still had a distinct list to one side. The name changed to I lean and the landlord put the greek masculine ending on so he is now I leanos.
He has lived out on the land for five months now and has become a pet, he spends a lot of time around the house annoying the landlord`s cat Merkel.
He and the cat wait for their breakfast at the kitchen door or I leanos sits up at the picnic table.
He likes to have dust baths in my flower garden so all new planting has to be protected by long, pointy kebab sticks.
                             What a difference 5 months make!

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