Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Ham and veg

Last week we did another trip to Lemonis the butcher to get the pork for our ham. It amused me to find out that the cut we wanted was called bouti which made sense when you think of Beyonce and bootylicious.
We bought two and half kilos and put it in the cure. We have to turn it every day and it will be ready to cook next Monday.
All I have to do now is think what sort of glaze I want on it, I am leaning towards mustard and brown sugar.

This afternoon I helped the landlord put in another support to keep his pea fence from blowing in the wind and he rotovated a strip to put in some cabbage plants I gave him. I hope they grow fast as he is not convinced they will be ready before it gets too hot.
The tomato and aubergine seedlings are up now, maybe I could use paper cups for potting on.
I planted seeds of dwarf french beans called speedy and I am hoping they do better than the climbing
beans did last year.
I am hoping to get enough plants of tumbler tomatoes as I would like to try them in tubs on top of the pillars on the terrace. It may be too hot we will see.

They could look great , couldn`t they?

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