Saturday, 9 March 2013

First Garden Visit

About three weeks ago I put a message on Skopelos news asking if there were any gardeners interested in meeting up for advice, seeds, cuttings etc. and I was contacted by four people. Three are at the Glossa end of the island and one who will be here in April.
Today we had our first garden visit, we went to Palio Klima to Heather and Neil`s lovely garden.
It looks very well established and exuberant, just my sort of garden in fact, flowers bursting out all over.
The most fantastic wisterias are about to flower and I am really looking forward to another visit when they and all the roses are in bloom.
Heather is pushing the garden back into the olive grove and new areas look great.
I love all the different rooms in their garden and with the stunning backdrop of the sea and Skiathos, it really is a gorgeous spot.
Heather very kindly gave me permission to take cuttings and after drinks and great cake I came home with my plastic bag and potted them up.
Some things I am sure I have taken at completely the wrong time but we will see.
Next time they will be coming to us, much smaller and much, much newer garden.

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