Friday, 8 March 2013

Compost and canes

The chickens have been scattering my compost heap all down the slope in the garden so Mark and I went to the builders merchants for metal poles and to the agricultural store for some chicken wire.
I also bought myself a bright yellow trug so I don`t lose it in the undergrowth.
The  compost is up against a terrace wall so we put four metal poles in and fixed the chicken wire to three of them. The last piece is fixed to a bamboo cane which I can tie to the last metal pole for entry.
The chickens could decide to parachute in from the top of the wall but I watched them yesterday and although cross and grumbling they didn`t jump.
I added chicken manure to the heap and I am going to the beach in a couple of days to get seaweed.
When I have the strimmer I will have loads of green stuff to add.
Some of our kitchen waste goes to the chickens and some to the heap, it will stay there now.

Mark and I went to cut our canes for the vegetable garden. There are lots of places on the island with large stands of bamboo, usually where the ground is a bit soggy and  people help themselves to them.
We cut about fourteen or so, they grow very tall so we used the loppers to cut them down to about seven foot. They will need to be scraped down and left to dry out thoroughly before being used to hold the beans and tomatoes.
If you put them in the ground before they have dried properly, they root and they are the devil to get rid of.

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