Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Spring is bursting out all over

A very pregnant Merkel

Every day now we say she can't go on much longer, I'm sure it has to be by the end of the month. She spends a lot of time lying in the sun sleeping or constantly demanding food.

Huge excitement for me this morning when we went to collect my pots and seed trays from the courier.
I have potted up the tigerella tomatoes, golden courgettes and stripy aubergines and lots of the flower seedlings. Some, like the thyme and nicotiana were tiny and pricking out is difficult and others like arctotis and stachys were much easier.
There is hardly a spare inch of space left in the grow house, I think the flower seedlings will be able to come out to harden off in a couple of weeks unless the weather changes drastically.

Right side of grow house

Left side of grow house
The flower garden is starting to fill out a bit now and I am beginning to see progress.

Spring garden

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