Wednesday, 20 March 2013

A bit down

I am feeling slightly depressed about the garden today, the chickens are not allies when you are trying to make a garden. Despite the sticks they have been trampling all over the flower garden and I leanos has dug a big pit on the far side of the spirea for his dust bath.
The right hand side which is in partial shade has started to fill out with plants I grew last year but the very hot, dry side is looking very bare and sad.
I sowed seeds on that side but very few have come up and the chickens have eaten quite a few of those.
The green house however is getting very full of seedlings and as soon as the pots arrive I can start potting on.
Some plants will hopefully be big enough to go into the garden in May and the rest I hope I can get through the heat of summer and plant out in September or October.

One side of the green house

The right side of the garden

The left side with sticks and bare earth

The garden group are visiting on Saturday so maybe they will have some advice. Probably "eat the chickens!"

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