Sunday, 3 March 2013

Pot luck

I am slowly clearing an area around the grow house, it is a steep bank and I have planted some ice plants and nasturtiums and moved some lantana seedlings from the vegetable garden. There was a huge orange, red and yellow one in there last year so I am hoping the seedlings are the same.


There is a large, very old greek pot at the top of the slope and we went to Nikos`s shop for peat and a plastic pot to plant up in the top of it. I have planted a yellow marguerite and geranium cuttings in it and I hope they grow well because the edge of the plastic pot is hideous at the moment.
Nikos gave me a pot of agapanthus which I was thrilled with. I adore them and saw them everywhere in New Zealand growing wild. I have planted them in front of another pot in the flower garden.
The landlord told me the name comes from agapi which is love and anthos which is flower so they are love flowers, isn`t that great.


I have planted the plumbago at the base of the wall under a huge planting of pink geraniums which are on the top of the wall , I think the colour combination will be lovely.
I have put a rosemary in a hot corner of the flower garden and sown seeds of California poppies ( Thai silk) and some scabious and arabis and some lovely deep pink nasturtiums which I am hoping will grow around and under the olive tree.
There is an osteospernum I grew from seed last year which is a lovely russety pink so I must take some cuttings of that.
About a month ago I took some cuttings of a yellow marguerite from a friends garden and they have all taken, I put one in the pot.

                                                    yellow marguerite

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