Sunday, 3 March 2013

February freebies

On the 25th February Mark and I went to have a look around Palio Klima, a village at the other end of the island that was very badly damaged in the 1965 earthquake. The village was largely abandoned although many of the houses have now been renovated. It has cobbled kaldarimis or paths and was quite deserted at this time of the year.
We walked up to the church and I took some seeds off a tree growing there. A danish lady living there didn`t know what the tree was but said it has lovely lilac blue flowers in May.
I looked it up and it was a Melia or china berry. I don`t know if the seeds will grow as they were a bit dried up but we will see.
On the 26th of Feb.2013 we went to see some friends who are leaving the island after 10 years to get some books and they gave me a strawberry planter and about 30 or 40 plants.
They also dug up a plumbago for me and gave me a bottle brush in a tub and some cuttings of some kind of ice plant. I love plumbago and hope it grows well.

bottle brush               


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