Saturday, 2 March 2013

Plastic, Fantastic!

In the middle of February I was delighted to receive a parcel which my daughter had sent out to me.
It was a walk in plastic grow house, no more struggling with sheets of plastic.
Mark started putting it together for me and the landlord joined in making very short work of it.
Mark and I had made a small platform near my veg. garden for it and it fitted perfectly.
I put about six trays of seeds in it and came indoors.
Within about an hour a terrific wind got up and blew the growhouse over spilling all the seed trays on to the floor.
The next morning we put some heavy slabs on the bottom bars and it is now fine. I do have a couple of trays of the sweepings so it will be a suprise when they come up.
I have sown gardeners delight tomatoes, a stripy tomato called tigerella and a tumbler variety which I am hoping to put in pots on top of the pillars on the terrace.
II have started some of my flower seeds too, Geraniums, Gazania, Mezembryanthemum, Agapanthus and Penstemons. I will be sowing more soon.


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