Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Sow exciting.

Some of my favourite things.
Last week I received two packets of seeds, one from Thompson and Morgan and one from Jekka`s Herbs, how thrilling!
My father is a New Zealander so I have sown seeds of Clianthus or Kaka beak to remind me of my visit to see him. I hope they grow.

Photo of kaka beak taken by my step mother Fiona Dickinson.

 I want some trailing plants for the low wall in front of the flower garden, I will have to think about it as it is a very hot area.
I put some nepeta ( catmint) seeds in the flower garden and planted out some baby nasturtiums which will be a lovely raspberry pink.
At the moment the garden is a forest of long kebab sticks to try and keep the chickens off the seedlings.
I have been busy collecting loo roll inners to make pots for potting on. I have used them for sweet peas and beans before, very successfully, so I hope they will be good for other seedlings too.
I have some seed trays and pots coming out in a truck soon, hurrah.

I am hoping to buy a strimmer or hortikoptiko soon to try and keep paths around the house and washing line and to keep weeds from the fence around the vegetable garden. Ticks are a big problem when the grass is long and lush and it will be quite a while until the sun dries it up.

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