Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Weeds and seeds.

I got stuck in, literally, it was very muddy in the vegetable garden after some heavy rain but there was a bit of weeding to do.
I cleared the wall where the wisteria grows and mattocked and raked two beds.
I planted some cabbage seedlings in one and swede  in the other.
I weeded out the bottom of the sugar snap peas which are flowering well but we don`t seem to be getting many pods. I don`t know why, maybe not enough bees yet.
I took out two brussells sprout plants that had finished and generally weeded the rest of the beds.
I sowed some more salad bowl lettuce, best for us as you can pick leaves and leave the plant and sowed the first of the beetroot.
I don`t want to plant in the raised beds again because I will need to dig and manure them, ready for the summer vegetables to go in in May.
In the afternoon I sowed some nolana,a shrubby plant that looks a bit like small morning glorys and some thrift. Apparently I have a long wait for the thrift, it could take three months to germinate!
I am not patient with seeds, I expect them to come up overnight.



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