Saturday, 23 March 2013

Garden visit 2

sweet potato slips, coleus and choisya cuttings

Today Mark and I hosted the second garden visit which was very enjoyable.
Jo and Roger brought me two sweet potato slips which I am excited about as I have never grown them before. They told me what to do with them, leave them in water until I can see roots, pot them up for a couple of weeks and then they can go out into the vegetable garden. They are from the morning glory family and have lovely flowers so I think I will plant them on my pea netting.
Heather brought me some coleus cuttings and I hope they grow well as they have such nice coloured leaves.
Lesley joined us today and brought me some choisya cuttings, I love choisya, it always looks good and it is so well behaved.
Britta joined us as well and showed some of us Horta growing on the land, some like the asparagus,  I knew but I didn`t know about the mediterranean cabbage. A bit like broccolli , smaller, with flowers a bit like rocket. Britta brought me a pot of rocket and we may be going to her garden at Potami next time.
I bought a gorgeous geranium from Lesley yesterday called orange splash, a very unusual colour, deep peach with splashes of orange.

orange splash geranium
 Heather also brought with her some flowers picked from her garden and the tiny , yellow rose which I think is banksia is so pretty, I must beg cuttings after it has finished flowering.
Everyone wants some freesias when they have finished flowering and Britta wants some periwinkle.
I will have quite a few vegetable plants to give away I think, always good to be able to swap.

PS on the ham, it was amazing, so good I forgot to take pictures. I froze some to share with Stephen and Robert when they get back from their travels and I took a picture. Frozen, so doesn`t look so nice but here it is.

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  1. Even a non-gardening type such as myself, enjoyed the visit.