Saturday, 10 August 2013

August, what garden

I haven`t written a post for a while as I had huge trouble with my computer and it wouldn`t let me write it. I have changed browser and now all is well.
The garden is looking very sad and shrivelled and although I have given it plenty of water it just can`t cope with the heat.
dried up garden

The rest of the land is yellow and dried up and I really can`t bear to show you pictures of the flower garden.
I am just managing to keep the garden alive and it will recover and flower again when we get the autumn rains.
scorched olive grove

I have had kilos of tomatoes and have frozen, bottled and eaten so many I am a little sick of them. I have made chutney and there are many more still on the vines although skins are getting harder so I will have to make passata which is a bit of a pain sieving it.
A very good friend of mine in the UK has suggested I put up recipes if I use things in a glut so I will try to do that.
I have fried aubergine slices and frozen them ready for moussaka and I have frozen cubed peppers ready for winter.
I have taken a recent picture of Mimi, Daisy was no where to be seen, probably off ratting.

a not so little Mimi