Tuesday, 2 April 2013

English Easter Monday

partly cleared bed with spinach

ridiculously tall broad beans covered in pods
 A really beautiful morning spent clearing old beds in the vegetable garden and digging over. I picked two handfuls of sugar snap peas which I will probably use with some broccolli and carrots and pork in a stir fry tomorrow.
I weeded the wall behind the wisteria in the vegetable garden. The wisteria is very old and I am trying to get it more productive. In fact, some of last years new shoots do have flowers coming which is great.

In the afternoon we drove over to Heather and Neil`s house to see the wisteria and jasmine as they are now in full flower.The wisteria covers a pergola overlooking the sea and the jasmine is the red budded one and is the best I have ever seen.
Sadly, wisteria doesn`t last very long, heavy rain or strong wind and it is over. It is so beautiful it doesn`t matter, a real sign of late spring.

The jasmine

wisteria over pergola

On the way home we stopped on the road so I could take some cuttings from a huge ballota .I hope they take as the soft, pale green is so pretty amongst other flowers and is very drought proof.



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