Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Population explosion

I potted up all the gardener`s delight tomatoes and the tumbler tomatoes I am hoping to put in tubs on the pillars on the terrace.
The landlord gave me 4 packets of about 7-8 seeds each last week of different varieties of tomatoes."big tomato"," rouge de marmande ", "tasty red" and "bernard something" , I couldn`t read the label.
 I was getting a little worried that nothing was coming up but this morning I noticed seedlings in two of them.
I also pricked out a tray of penstemmon which I will have to grow on until autumn and then plant out.
I was delighted to see two seedlings of passiflora incarnata in a pot in the kitchen this morning, I have waited two months for them to come up.
The french beans and arctotis I am leaving out at night now and I am hoping for no cold nights. I want to put the beans in the ground next week but I will keep some bottle cloches handy just in case.
The growhouse is full up now and I still have chilli peppers and bell peppers to pot on.
Maybe I could put a shelf along the back, we`ll see.

passiflora incarnata

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