Thursday, 25 April 2013

Drip drip drip

French beans on the left, tomatoes and cucumbers on line.

Yesterday Mark and I measured up the garden for pipe for the irrigation system. We went up to Nicos for main pipe, holey pipe , taps etc and installed the first two pipes.
I planted three greek tomatoes and three cucumbers and the next in will be gardener`s delight, a tall cherry tomato.
On the other pipe on that bed will be tigerella, a bush tomato which has red and orange stripy fruit. At the end of both pipes I am going to plant yellow and green courgettes.
I turned the water on and sure enough, drip drip.
It should make my life a bit easier as at the moment it takes about an hour and a half to water the flower garden, all the plants in the green house and the vegetable garden.
I still have a hose for plants like parsley , spinach, carrots etc but it is easily swapped with the drip irrigation , so much easier.
I was really surprised at the cost, the whole system cost 35  Euros which I thought was pretty good.

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