Thursday, 4 April 2013

Fun with the hortikoptiko

Yesterday we went to Nikos`s shop and bought the much longed for hortikoptiko or strimmer. I have wanted one for a year as everything grows so quickly  and paths are needed around the house and down to the car.
It is the start of the tick season and keeping the grass short gives us a better chance of not coming in with unwelcome visitors.
I strimmed a path up to the washing line and under it and a path up to the steps to the house and another one down to the car the other side of the house.
I couldn`t possibly do all the land , there is so much of it and it still looks lovely with all the wild flowers so it can wait until the landlord starts to clean the land.
I can keep it down around the house and maybe the noise will put the snakes off a bit. I don`t mind them really but they do make me jump.
I can also clear the area where we are going to put the tent if we get any visitors this year, I am hoping to have a dry run with the tent soon to see how easy it is to put up and take down.
I have strimmed all round the fence of the vegetable garden and Mark and I are going to move the fence out a couple of metres which will give me more vegetable garden and a place to plant the pumpkins and butternut squash. They will need quite a lot of room to spread and I will probably plant the courgettes there as well which will give me more room for tomatoes etc.

Me clearing the steps with my new hortikoptiko

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