Friday, 5 April 2013

Bits and pieces


New Pelargonium

When I opened the grow house this morning I was horrified to see yellow mottling on a lot of the seedlings so I took a tomato plant up to Nikos.  He sold ,me what I think, is Bordeaux mixture, certainly a copper sulphate powder any way. I mixed it up and sprayed it on and I am hoping for the best.
I went on line to see what else it could be and it is possible I over watered the plants, I just pray it isn`t mosaic virus or they will all have to be destroyed.
While I was at Nikos`s shop I bought a lovely pelargonium like the one pictured above and I have planted it in one of the deep blue ceramic planters I brought out from England.
Mark drilled holes in a dustbin and I have moved it up to the compost heap to put fairly well rotted compost in. I hope to speed  up  the composting as I will need it very soon.
While turning the heap I uncovered a rat`s nest and  four tiny rats ended up in the dustbin. I was a baby and .Mark had to deal with them. Fortunately they had died by the time he arrived.
Filios, the landlord ( he has given me permission to use his name) gave me a whole load of sugar snap peas and I needed to use some up so I made a soup with chopped up peas, leeks, potato, white beans, garlic and stock and then put it through the processor. It was very nice and I made a mint cream to go in it. Chopped mint wilted in boiling water and squeezed out then mixed in to double cream.
I have taken out my sugar snap peas and dug over the bed . I put back the wire netting on canes as I am planting the sweet potato vines there.
Merkel, the cat is waddling about still but she is sleeping a lot and surely it can`t be much longer until she has her kittens.

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