Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Shrubs and seedlings

I have had an exhausting couple of days. Yesterday I dug a new bed on the other side of the low wall of the flower garden. I wanted to plant the bottlebrush and a choisya there and plant out some of the plants I have grown from seed.
It was really hard going as I think people have chucked stone over the wall for years and years and I just had to keep digging them up. Buckets full have already been removed and there are loads more in the soil.
I have had to put chicken wire over the bed for a week or so, the chickens love newly turned soil and the plants need to grow a bit before I can take it off.

New bed
The terrace is looking lovely at the moment, the geraniums are looking good and the lilac is beautiful.

Today I potted on the chillis, all Filios`s different tomatoes and the sweet peppers so the grow house is full again.
This afternoon I strimmed all round the church which was quite hard going as the clover and plants are still quite soft and damp.

On the Merkel, the cat, front we are forever busy. She is constantly hungry and leaves her babies to come and sit at the door waiting for food. Sadly one kitten is gone, I have no idea what happened to it as I know it was there when she moved them to the tree. She has four now and seems to be a good mum, we will see how many survive.

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