Monday, 22 April 2013

Garden group visit Lesley


A bed at the front of the terrace
We had a very nice visit to Lesley and Reg`s garden and although some people couldn`t make it we have picked up a few new people which is lovely.
Lesley runs a hobby nursery and sells some great pelargoniums, osteospurnums, marguerites and other plants.
She sells them at very reasonable prices to cover the cost of pots, peat and water and it is nice to be able to look at her garden to see large specimens of the plant you have bought.
The planting all around the terrace at the front of the house is particularly nice, full and with lots of colour.
Lesley also has two small plots for vegetables and at the moment she has loads of broad beans and has started planting out her tomatoes.
I came home with a lovely dark maroon pelargonium and a "bird of paradise" bush which is tiny at the moment but will, I hope, be as great as Lesley`s tree one day.

The terrace


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