Thursday, 11 April 2013

Busy, busy.

Yesterday I dug all the new part of the vegetable garden and took out all the perennial weeds. It was exhausting but all the beds are marked out in line with the old ones and I have space for the squash and pumpkins.
First, Mark and Filios had to get out the stump of a palm tree that had been in the middle of one of the beds. This meant hacking at it with a pick axe, horrible stuff, like slightly soggy , hard coconut. Luckily the roots weren`t as deep as I thought they would be and it did come out, great effort from them both.

New beds

Area for squash and pumpkins under the lemon tree
I just have to dig in four big bags of horse manure and dig over the beds when the spinach and broad beans are finished and I will be ready to plant the summer vegetables.
I have planted out eighteen dwarf french bean plants which seem to be doing well.
This morning I used the strimmer to clear the terrace below the house and amongst all the lilacs which look much better now they are clear. I also cleared the area up to the compost heap as it was knee deep in clover and weeds.
I potted on some of the tomatoes I am growing for Filios and sowed the squash and pumpkins and some basil.
Quite a few of the cuttings I took from Heather`s garden have rooted so I potted them on and planted out some nolana.
I am having to water every evening at the moment so I will be glad when I sort out the irrigation system for the summer and then I will only have the flower garden, pots and along the terrace to water with the hose.

The lilacs after strimming

Mark and I ended the day with our first evening beer at "the brown chairs" where Thassos made us some nice ham and cheese toasties (free) to go with our beer and peanuts. It was lovely watching people going by on a sunny evening and thinking that it won`t be long until there are lots of people here.

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