Monday, 8 April 2013

Spring Sunday

There are many signs that Spring is definately here, although it is quite chilly with rain for the next couple of days. The lilacs are coming in to flower, I can leave the grow house open and many of the flower seed trays are outside.
I will be planting out my dwarf beans at the end of the week and have already planted out some arctotis and californian poppies.
Filios and I had the dubious pleasure of getting the chicken manure out of the "chicken palace". The smell was dreadful but we filled two dustbins and a couple of sacks which we have to leave to dry and use next season.
Filios pruned a couple of olive branches that overhung my flower garden and we pruned the "angelika" and the oleander. What the greeks call angelika is I am sure pittosporum tobira.

pittosporum tobira

The early rain we had brought huge quantities of orange dust from the Sahara and all the plants and terrace were covered in it. It has washed away now.

On another subject, this is my latest blanket and I am eagerly waiting for a huge shipment of wool as I have had a commission for a king size blanket from Australia. Ok, it is from my son but I am really looking forward to starting it!

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