Sunday, 7 April 2013

The garden group visit to Britta

We went out to Potami to Britta`s house which is on a sloping site that used to be a plum farm so there are many varieties of plums and other fruit trees.
Britta and Philip have extended the original kalivi and Britta has some lovely plants in front of her shaded terrace and down the side of the house. She has calla lilies, succulents and a huge rosemary bush. with a small herb garden and lots of pots.
I brought home cuttings of santolina, a succulent with yellow flowers and a lovely blue, grey succulent. I will have to do some research to find out what they are.
Britta is very knowledgeable about Horta ( wild greens) so we wandered around the land to see some of it.
Greek people gather it in the Spring and boil it. We saw wild carrots, dill, a kind of dandelion and mediterranean cabbage. I find Horta very bitter but lots of people love it.
There were lots of clumps of wild garlic and a small white flower which some of the group said was star of bethlehem and others that it was false garlic.
Britta and Philip have also made a shady, cool picnic area under the shade of pines at the top of their land, a very nice place to be on a hot day.
All in all, a very nice visit to a very quiet, peaceful place on a hot morning, lovely.

In front of shaded terrace

Some of the land and fruit trees

Britta`s herb area     

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