Friday, 12 April 2013

Baby talk

The proud mum

I went to bed early last night as I was exhausted from gardening in the sun and got up at about 11.00 for a drink.
Merkel was at the kitchen window making a very strange noise. I went down thinking she just wanted more food but she wasn`t interested so I put the light on in the store room and sat on the chair next to her box. She immediately jumped in and wanted stroking so I stroked her and talked to her for about ten minutes and by then it was obvious she was in labour.
Mark brought me out some socks as I was in my nightie, jeans and a fleece and I stayed with her until 12.30 . By then she had three kittens and seemed very happy licking them and pushing them around. It was pretty obvious there were going to be some more  kittens but I went in to bed and found five this morning.
One is black and white, one is tabby and white,one is like Merkel with more black, there is a dark one with , I think , a tabby face and one is white and very pale apricot, the colour of a pale golen retriever. I don`t know if ginger kittens get darker with age or whether it will stay that colour.
I don`t know about Merkel but I feel very tired today and I am not doing very much hard work, maybe just a little potting on.

A tangle of kittens

Very pale ginger one at the bottom

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