Tuesday, 9 April 2013

No rest for the wicked

Mark and I extended the vegetable garden by about 100 sq feet today which will give me more room for summer vegetables and I want to plant some pumpkins which take up a lot of room.
I started digging it over, not as hard as I thought because we have had some rain so the ground was softer.
Tomorrow I will keep on digging and Mark and I are going to try to get the stump of a dead palm tree out.
I think that may be quite hard work although the roots don`t appear to go down very deep.
Pandelis, our lovely log man brought me four sacks of horse and mule manure which I have to dig in. He keeps his animals at the top of Mt. Palouki and Filios said it is the best manure.

The extended vegetable garden

When I went back to the house for some water I found all three animals taking their afternoon nap, Merkel is absolutely enormous and every day we say she can`t go much longer.


Ileanos by the growhouse

Bonnie on the kitchen floor
Mark wasn`t napping but upstairs reading, I must be very wicked!

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