Sunday, 14 April 2013

Sow what?

Today I sowed more beetroot and radishes and transplanted some lettuces. The dwarf french beans are doing well and we still have spinach, onions, carrots and a huge amount of broad beans. I will have to have a freezing session for the broad beans this week.
I weeded the flower garden and potted up a lot of geranium cuttings that had rooted. I pricked out the nicotiana and chilli peppers.
If I have enough geraniums I will put some on the roof terrace above the store. I must paint the table we have out there and we want to find a couple of chairs we can leave out .
I have five passiflora incarnuta seedlings up now so I am hoping I can get at least one to make a decent plant. The toughest thing here is getting anything through the heat of mid summer.
I weeded around the olive tree at the end of the terrace and planted out some arabis in cracks of soil around it.The damn chickens have scratched out the soil and plants and scattered them everywhere. I must buy some chicken wire to cover new plantings or I will lose the lot.



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