Sunday, 21 April 2013

Bonnie is seriously annoyed

Bonnie is very fed up, she sees Merkel being fed up to four times a day and getting made a fuss of whenever she shows up.
Merkel lay on the wall beside me while I was podding broad beans and Bonnie was glowering at her from the other side of the kitchen door.
When I went back in she was demanding cuddles from Mark.

Sulky Bonnie
I can`t tell you how many kittens there are but the latest news is that Merkel has moved in to an olive tree that stands in my flower garden and she doesn`t seem to mind that we know she is there.
Unfortunately the very small hole she is squeezing in to is too far off the ground to see into.
Tomorrow while she is eating I will get the ladder and try and look but I have no idea how deep the hole is. That is of course if she is still there.

The latest kitten home

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