Wednesday, 1 May 2013

A sad few days

I noticed this morning that Merkel was no longer in the olive tree in my flower garden so after she had eaten I followed her.
While she had her lunch I looked and she only has two kittens left, no sign of the apricot and white or the one that looked like Merkel.

The kitten looking at the camera hissed like mad and I think they will be quite ferocious when they do come out.

On sunday night when Mark took Bonnie out for her late stroll they found a starved dog down by the church which was cowering so badly she looked injured.
I suppose we shouldn`t have given her food and water but we had to.
The next morning she was still with us and had found Eileenos and savaged him. Mark had to finish him off which was awful for him and it is so strange without him.
When I was gardening there was a constant chatter from Eileenos around the fence or green house or he would be tapping at the kitchen door. He crowed a lot too and it just seems far too quiet.

The landlord took the dog away and we kept the chickens in as we were worried she might come back.
Sure enough she was back the next morning, I posted something on Skopelos news about her but no one knew anything . She was actually a lovely dog, obviously a hunting dog but very friendly and well trained. We really felt she couldn`t be trusted around the kittens and chickens and the landlord took her away again. Sad.

It has turned very hot and I have to wait for the evening to work on the garden. I planted some more tomatoes,cucumbers and courgettes and this evening I want to get the canes in and put another irrigation line in for the aubergines and peppers.
I have planted up five tubs, three of tigerella bush tomatoes and two of tumbler tomatoes and put them on top of the pillars on the terrace.
The flower garden is filling out and looks very cheerful at the moment, it is not tasteful, lots of clashing colours .
The nasturtiums are spreading about and I think it looks good.

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