Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Festival and first fruit

I haven`t had time to write anything for a few days as we have been very busy. Mark has had rehearsals for the music festival and the first concert was last night. The choir followed by a fourteen year old who plays bouzouki with a man on guitar, he was excellent and I am sure will make a career out of it. The choir were very good too and you really would have thought they had been together for much longer.
For those of you that are interested in Mimi and Daisy`s progress here are the latest pictures.

snoozing with mum



 Yesterday I made a big plate pasty using one of the swedes I was told you can`t grow here and we had a salad using my first cucumber and a gold courgette. They are lovely sliced very thinly in a salad.

gold courgette

big Greek tomatoes

The other veg are doing very well and I have both green and gold courgettes and very good cabbages growing in a shady corner.

It has been a very hot May and although I have irrigation on the vegetable garden there is a lot of watering to do.

The flower garden which was looking lovely is beginning to shrivel up and I will have to rethink the planting for next year.


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