Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Kittens are worse than kids

kittens in the bread oven

Merkel moved the kittens back to the bread oven a couple of days ago as we had a thunder storm and it was a bit wet in the bramble patch.
Yesterday much to her noisy consternation, one of the kittens got down to floor level and couldn`t get back. I put it back and they seemed to settle down.
Last night we heard the most dreadful cat fight going on and Merkel saw off a tom cat.
I looked out just before I went to bed and he was back so I decided to sleep on the sofa with the window open so I could hear anything happening. Apart from more thunder, all was quiet.
This morning Mark met a kitten on the terrace and Merkel was a bit frantic as she couldn`t stop them wandering. We put the box she had them in on the floor and they settled down for a while.
The kittens can climb out of the box and were very exposed so we moved the box in to Filios`s store and shut the door enough to stop a tom cat getting in.
It won`t stop the kittens or Merkel getting out so I think the next few days could be pretty exciting. I don`t know about Merkel but I am exhausted.

sleepy family

exploring the store

at the door

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  1. Very lovely photos, Caroline!! And I can understand that you and Merkel are very exhausted...keep strong :)))
    Regards, Britta