Sunday, 12 May 2013

To Mpostani ( vegetable garden)

The vegetable garden is coming on very well since we put in the irrigation and it is so much easier.
I got some very good manure from Pandelis , our log man, and everything is growing like crazy.
I put in four greek tomatoes, the ones with huge tomatoes and three cucumbers. I will add three more in June to extend the season. The next row is gardener`s delight a cherry tomato and gold courgettes and green courgettes. Then the french beans  and then a row of tigerella tomato which is orange and red stripes.
This morning I planted a row of aubergines and in a few days it will be peppers.
The lettuce and carrots in the carrot box are doing really well and the swede are doing much better in semi shade. I have sown spinach and rocket in semi shade too and the pumpkins and butter nut squash in the corner of the garden are getting bigger every day.
The cabbages are getting quite big, we ate one the other night and it was much tastier than the greek ones I grew.
The sweet potato vines are taking a bit of time getting going and I am really looking forward to seeing their flowers, they are related to morning glories.
I put five pots on the terrace pillars, three with tigerella and two with tumbler cherry tomatoes and they are doing fantastically well and have flowers already.
I really must have a look and start thinking about my seed order for autumn as it seems to take quite a while to get them sent.
The flower seeds are coming on well, I have planted stachys and nicotiana into the garden already and I have lots of orange and creeping thyme plants.
The penstemmon are looking really healthy but I will over summer them in semi shade and plant them in the autumn to catch autumn rains.

tomatoes in tubs

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