Sunday, 5 May 2013

Latest garden visits in Glossa

A view from Jo and Roger`s garden
On Saturday we combined two garden visits. First we went to Jo and Roger`s garden which surrounds their various holiday cottages and their home at Glossa. They have the most amazing views as they are right on the edge of the steep slopes running down to the sea. They have built a garden over eight years and have made several terraces , one of which they use to grow sweet potatoes under black plastic. They gave me some slips and I am looking forward to the flowers and then lots of sweet potatoes for the autumn.
They have lots of nasturtiums everywhere which look fantastic and a superb philadelphus beside the door to one of the kalivis.

At the bottom of the garden they have planted a vineyard which should increase yield over the next few years. They also have a jacaranda tree and I would love to see it when it flowers.
We had very nice refreshments and Roger let us try his homemade gherkins which were delicious and very kindly let us have some seeds so I am trying them.
We then strolled up to Karen and Tony`s new garden which is looking really good and I was so impressed by how much they have managed to plant. In a years time it will all have filled out and the large, stone beds around the pool will look fabulous.
I, stupidly, took a picture from the pool looking up the largest bed towards the house but forgot to take one looking down on the pool and the incredible view beyond.

The new planting in the bed above the pool
Their pool is on the edge of the cliff  and they have a wonderful view of the sea and Skiathos.
The slightly smaller beds look great too and I can`t wait to see them when they have filled out.
We had more great refreshments and we had two lovely garden visits.

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