Thursday, 6 June 2013

The Down Under blanket

I haven`t had time this last week ,with the Music Festival and having Mick the Van here , to take pictures of the garden so today I am going to do a blog on a blanket.
I have to finish it in the next three weeks so that Mick can take it to the UK on his next run as it is so expensive to post it from Greece.
My son, Richard, has commissioned this kingsize blanket and I thought I would tell you how it is made up.
There are 30 balls of wool, 208 squares, 2566 threads to be sewn in. Then 8-10 rows of border and an edging.
It has taken quite a while to get this far and I have finished the squares and am putting it together.

Just a few of the bundles , 13 in each
I am about a third of the way through crocheting them together and then I can start the border.

Part of blanket
I really hope Richard likes it as it is a bit of a worry when someone can`t choose all the colours. I don`t like to work with less than 9 colours, sometimes 6 ,but it is very much a matter of personal taste.
Hopefully I can get in finished and back to the UK and send it on its way where I hope it will give years of pleasure.

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  1. Absolutely fantastic - all squares with different colour combination!!!!

    Be sure your son will love it!!

    Well done, Caroline!