Saturday, 8 June 2013

Everything is growing

Every morning when I look at the vegetable garden I can see a change. We are beginning to get a glut of courgettes and although they are lovely thinly sliced in a salad there is only so much you can eat in a day.

 Mark made some lovely stuffed courgettes the other night and I made courgette fritters with tzadsiki. Today I am making a courgette cake, we will see.....

tomatoes, cucumbers,aubergines and peppers

The pots on the terrace are covered in tomatoes but we had to lift them down as we had a very strong easterly wind yesterday but they will go back up today. The tigerella tomatoes are getting very stripy and I can`t wait to see them when they are ripe.
The kittens are growing very fast and eat a ton of food, we bought them posh new bowls and then today Merkel has decided to move them back to the log pile. I am sure they will turn up when they get hungry although Merkel seems to think they should be eating rat judging by the number she has left out by the store. Doesn`t stop her showing up constantly looking for more food though.

kittens with one of the new bowls
The apricots are coming on nicely and I should be making more jam in a couple of weeks although there won`t be as many as last year because Filios pruned it quite hard. It is my favourite jam so I will have to hide it if the family make it over this year. 

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