Thursday, 28 February 2013

Sowing seeds

I had brought some seed from the UK so I started sowing about a week after we moved in.
I sowed geraniums,cosmos, osteospurnums,sweet rocket, diascias and scabious.
All the seeds came up well under a sheet of plastic on the terrace but when I got to potting on I discovered you can`t buy pots here and I was scrabbling for yoghurt pots and margerine tubs.
I had no idea how hot and dry it would be and I had huge losses after they were planted out and some plants only started to thrive after the autumn rains.
The cosmos were a success and verbena bonariensis has survived the winter and made large plants. The geraniums that survived are going to be good sized plants this year and I have learnt a lot more about frequency of watering.
This year I am sowing half my seeds now and half in September to see which do best.
Cuttings of geraniums, margeurites and osteospurnams have rooted very well in the last month.

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